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A Rich Resource

'Intuition Involution' has been a huge source of help in shedding light on a subject that once seemed so inaccessible, despite my always perceiving its importance in my daily life. Both scientific and spiritual in its approach, the book offers a very clear path for each and every individual to access the gift of intuition for the enrichment of their own life.
Its many exercises are a rich resource for recognising, applying and strengthening one's intuition - I continue to find myself returning to previous sections of the book; while the personal accounts of the author - and those she has come into contact with - offer inspiration and encouragement for anyone likewise looking for the deeper meaning behind the challenges we face. Rather than explaining `why' we encounter such experiences, this book has allowed me to discover `how' to delve inwardly to find answers to those challenging situations belonging to my `private' and `professional' life, without the author suggesting a disconnection between the two.
I'm therefore grateful to the author for illustrating the path to finding fulfilment across both.
–Oya Mido

Inner Insights

'Intuition Involution' is the book that reassured me of my ability to intuit and boosted up my confidence to completely rely on my intuition. We being social animals are emotionally tied up with other human beings and at times are strongly influenced by their judgments. The struggle to get out of that negative influence breaks our emotions and spirit. We need to tune in to our inner self to get the positive energy required to break the spell of that negative influence.
'Intuition Involution' helped in strengthening my inner self and encouraged me to tune in to my intuition even more.
It has simple exercises to empower the intuitive abilities that all of us have within us.

It also helped me be clear about some important facts in terms of our relationships to other human beings.
It has given a new direction to my spiritual and inner quest.
- Tabinda Batool

Life Enrichment

This book supports my quest to lead a spiritual life in harmony with the Universe. Each morning I read a few pages, and it is absolutely remarkable, I learn something every time. In my world most people consider intuition a soft skill. Dr. Korostensky gives the scientific proof of the existence of intuition and how to develop and strengthen it. Her way of giving real life experiences, inspiring to try exercises, and explaining how it works is simple and therefore genius; it enriches my life.
- Maggie Sayers

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