Praises for Intuition Involution

One thing I love about the content was your insight about why the elderly live in old folks homes. This always bothered me too, and when I read your insight that they are there to have a second chance to connect to their spirit after a busy life focused on the body or "outside" activities a huge burden of non-understanding was lifted from me. It made me realize that it is not awful and sad that they are there, but it is a real blessing. I thank you so much for revealing this to your reading audience, and hope that your readers will be as pleased as I was to read this information.
Rossinna Ippolito,
Professional Indexer

Kunbi Korostensky has laid out a clear and empowering path home to one’s all guiding Intuition. This is a highly enjoyable, readable and informative book for both women and men. I highly recommend it for anyone who feels lost and wants to be found!
Nick Arrizza M.D., CAN
Creator of the Powerful Mind Resonance Process® (MRP)

Intuition Involution is destined to become a classic in its field. The insights on intuition included in this intriguing and well-written book gave me a new appreciation for the concept.
Mitchell Earl Gibson MD , USA
Author of "Nine Insights For A Happy and Successful Life”

I sincerely admire Kunbi’s courage and passion to help many understand something that is often ignored. Taking time to read this book helped me reflect on times past and future aspirations. Regardless of your beliefs, this book will ignite a curiosity to pursue your intuition
Ralph Schonenbach, CH
CEO Trestle Group

Kunbi Korostensky has written an important book for women called Intuition Involution. I truly feel I became empowered after doing proofreading and indexing work with the text. Kunbi's writing comes from a place of authority and mastery, yet her style is so easy and flowing that you feel you're listening to a friend give you some of the greatest advice you've ever heard. Sometimes we humans think we have to have "permission" to take the action steps that will better our lives, and in her book Kunbi does just that. She drives it home that it's okay/good/ important to listen to the Voice of our intuition and that we can trust it 100%. I heartily recommend "Intuition Involution" and also suggest that visits to Kunbi's websites would benefit the interested reader
Rose Ippolito, USA
Indexer and Proofreader

This powerful book is an eye opener, packed with practical tips and filled with many deep insights and wisdom that come from years of experience. It is written with authority, openheartedness, love and to the point. I encourage you to read it and to use it consistently.
Dr. Erich Klopfenstein, CH
Dr. scient. nat. ETH Zürich

Kunbi Korostensky has a special gift for guiding women to recognize and work with their strengths, including sensing and utilizing that special gift of intuition that God gives us. Her vision of changing the world for the better is a powerful one and she is already achieving it. If you ever have the opportunity to work with her, either directly or indirectly, I would highly recommend it! That she has written this masterpiece is only a natural extension of her years of fruitful work with women around the world.
Shelley Dudley, UK Speaker, Coach, and Author of You Can Do It!- A Step by Step Guide on How to Achieve Your Dreams and Happily Ever After: Exploding the Myth of Prince Charming

Connecting with our intuition should be easy and natural and Kunbi Korostensky has done a masterful job of providing grounded information and practical tips that come from years of experience. This book will inspire you to break free of suffocating your intuitive power. It is a must read for all seekers and anyone who doubts their intuition.
Carolyn Cooper, USA Founder, The SimplyHealed Method

Kunbi not only tells us how to live better, she shows us. That is what makes INTUITION INVOLUTION so credible, intuitive and inspiring – a book well worth reading.
Dr. Carol Franklin, CH
Former Executive Director of WWF, Switzerland,
Chairman of the Board of Forests for Friends Ltd and of Forests for Friends Panama Inc

After personally benefitting from the wealth and breathe of my colleague, Olakunbi Korostensky’s, empathetic spirit and enlightenment, I welcome this opportunity to read INTUITION INVOLUTION and more fully understand the masterful energy behind her simultaneously soaring spiritual and warmly practical worldview. A definite “must-read” for anyone ready to re-evaluate and embrace the power of their own intuitive nature, this book will broaden your sense of your place in the Universe, and guide you as you step boldly into your next stage of consciousness.
Trina Roach GER
Executive Coach & Trainer

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