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What Is Intuition?
Have you noticed that trying to find true answers to anything beyond our five senses has become a mirage of jungle collisions in our world? Most of us have become so consumed by the outside world in a continual frenzy that we no longer clearly perceive the natural workings of our inner self. Amazingly, the human who prides herself to be knowledgeable today has a problem understanding the tuggings of her inner self.

Ask anyone what life is about, and the answer you get will make you realize how much we have all removed ourselves from the true meaning of life. While one person might say life is about enjoying yourself and having enough money to do just that, another person might say finding time with family members is what life is about. Then, turn to someone you deem knowing and able to quench your thirst for true knowledge. Ask that person what intuition is. The answer you receive will not only puzzle you even more, but will also show you precisely how much confusion is out there today. The mere fact that intuition has many descriptions ascribed to it indicates the inability to perceive clearly what intuition is on an intrinsic higher level.

Intuition has nothing to do with the charade of esoteric events that have sprouted around the world in the past one hundred years. Intuition is as old as the human species because it is an essential part of our entity. Intuition is your still, small, inner voice communicating clearly to you. It is your guide and your most reliable partner that you can fully depend on because it is the voice of your spirit. In times of difficulty or moments of inner struggles, your intuition is always there to point out the best path to follow to find inner peace and right solutions. You are never alone in dire moments unless you cut yourself off from your intuitive guidance.

Your intuition is the gift placed within you. Not just your incentive guidance, but also your inner tutor, which links you with the highest source of power—the spiritual realm. I have received exceptional knowledge by using enquiries I have consciously put across to my “inner tutor” whenever I wanted to know something.

Though most answers I received were not always what I expected or initially clear, they have always proved to be suitable for any situation. I remember asking once why elderly, degenerated people in old people’s homes are allowed to continue to live for indefinite years instead of being allowed to pass on. These circumstances rendered me sad for many years and played on my mind until I decided to seek a clear answer. I always knew that not all answers to questions could be found in the outside world, but by reaching into the depth of my soul in moments of deep communion with my spirit, my self. This knowledge still did not prepare me for the revelation I came upon.

The answer I received was that people who had spent most of their earlier years living more outwardly than inwardly are often given the opportunity to develop what they had neglected in their earlier years before they pass on. I understood this to mean that if we have spent our prime years virtually rushing around taking care of “mundane matters” - to help us grow and steel our physical muscles and mind, thereby completely neglecting our soul and spirit, we get a second chance to redeem the neglected part of our being, our soul. When our physical body slows and degenerates and we are no longer required to cater to all the physical concerns of the world, we have the time to reflect and regain what we might have pushed into the background. We are again offered the opportunity to reflect on the true meaning of our existence, to realign with our true being and reconnect with our true origin, for our stay on Earth is only for inner spiritual maturity. Everything we achieve here is a means to becoming a conscious human entity. This finding shed new light on my perception about elderly people in nursing homes. I realized that the elderly who might be distraught about their physical conditions are being given time to relinquish their hold on the physical world and its encumbrances and renew their connection with their entity to enable a smooth transition when the time to leave the body approaches.

Intuition was never meant to be a mystery to anyone. It should be a natural guide for us all because it is our spirit’s living voice. It is the ability of your living core, which connects you with your source of power and your origin—the spiritual realm. In moments of silence and contemplation, you can open yourself to your intuition’s wisdom. Do you know where your intuition lives in you? Do you know where your spirit connects with your body?

What Is the Purpose of Intuition?
Think about this for a moment: What would your life be without a purpose? Would you continue to strive diligently at what you do if you didn’t have a reason to do so? I’m sure you wouldn’t. Neither would I, which is why we have an intuition.

Our intuition maintains the connection with our spiritual origin. It reminds us constantly why we decided to undertake the journey to this Earth plane. It has also been placed in us to guide us throughout this journey so we never feel lonely or alone and are always connected with our origin. It is like having a most reliable friend and ally in our corner to impart us with all the knowledge, support, and information we require and to protect us from any harm or danger. By cutting ourselves off from our intuition, we also sever our connection with our Creator’s all-embracing love and protective power.

No one can deny that despite the multitude number of the world population, many people feel lonely today more than ever before. Why is this? Could it be that because of our “obsession” with the outside world, we have neglected to take care of what is of the most essence to our oneness? Keeping our intuition alive is a great part of maintaining that oneness. The intuition is supposed to keep us alert from within and keep our path illuminated.

We take pride in cleaning out our homes in springtime or taking in our cars for regular servicing or perhaps even ensuring that our bodily functions are kept intact by consulting physicians at regular intervals for a check-up. Yet, how many of us remember to “service” the life core in us by nurturing our intuition regularly and remaining alert?

Could it be that because of the importance we attach to our physical body and the degree to which we identify with it, we have completely become obsessed with it and no longer realize that we are not our bodies? Just think of the amount of time we spend bathing, dressing, and feeding it or caring for it, adorning it, and exercising it. After all, seeing how the fashion industry has cleverly secured a huge value in our lives today, you could say the wackier the industry becomes, the more people are finer matters. Everything we see, touch, and experience daily physically has appeared because it has already formed beforehand elsewhere on a much higher vibratory level.

Our intuition lives in the domain of finer matter where things are unapparent to the physical eyes, physical touch, or senses. A human is made of several layers of various particles: the inner layers of finer bodies consisting of energy constellations of various levels and the denser matter with the physical body and all its organs, nerves, and blood vessels. Just as our physical body has a form and has all the tools it requires to function ultimately in the physical world, so, too, do our other finer bodies have their individual tools for adapting to various conditions. For example, a mental body finer than the physical body is equipped with sensation, whereas a spiritual body consisting of a much finer entity is equipped with the intuition. Intuition is our highest power because it is the spiritual power that animates and fires our soul body housing our spirit core. Spirit is everything. Without the Spirit essence there is no life. The mind does not control our being; the Spirit does.

What Role Does the Solar Plexus Play in Intuition?
When we receive information or inspiration from a higher source, it is first perceived in the solar plexus because the spirit core within the soul body connects to the physical body here. We can also say that since we are first a spiritual entity, any activity of our spirit essence is immediately perceived as intuition in the solar plexus because the spirit essence connects with the physical body here. To clarify this point for you, consider that before people leave their bodies by impending death, many clairvoyants can see the silver cord around the solar plexus unraveling. The silver cord is a term used for the bright, long elastic cord of light about an inch wide, which appears and unravels from the solar plexus just before someone passes on. It can also be observed with people who have had near death experiences. When the silver cord is severed, the soul leaves the body that previously housed it and cannot return to it anymore, which we refer to as dying.

The adage “when in need, go within” is a wise advocate of how and where to find solutions to any problem.
– Olakunbi Korostensky ND

The fewer the words, the better. Let silence be your teacher. It is the true conduit to your intuitive guidance.

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