About the Book

Intuition Involution has a pointed message: that each one can become mistress and master of his or her life when we decide to embrace our entire being and integrate all the abilities we were born with fully into our lives.

At a time when everything around us is unraveling at lightning speed, wouldn’t it be better to start tuning into our reliable source for guidance? Isn’t it time to live the integrated life we were meant to live, instead of a lopsided life, as most of us have been living for centuries?

INTUITION INVOLUTION is a reminder and a strong prompter to integrate intuition into everyday living for a clear, harmonious path in life. Although, the book is primarily aimed at women, the information can be applied to both genders.

The book underlines that women are primarily endowed with a stronger intuition than men, and that if they learn to apply intuition conscientiously, it will help them overcome self-doubts and easily find the answers for any situation.

INTUITION INVOLUTION brings to light several points related to intuition such as:

• Creating balance between our intellect and intuition
• The roles of the solar plexus and the hind brain in relation to intuition
• The four core values of Intuition and their significance for our existence
• What Oxytocin breathing is and how applying it can enhance intuition
• Why bonding fully with intuition is the answer to the chaos of modern daily existence and business challenges
• How living by Intuition can best guide against manipulation, suicide and struggles
• Introducing “The Art of Intuiting the Process of Being ™”
• The differences between the Spirit and Divine essence

Exemplifying a number of personal and work experiences, Olakunbi Korostensky illustrates how intuition has been a constant guide in her own life. She also gives examples of other people who naturally connect to their intuitive guidance with assurance.

While the book gives practical guides to enhance women’s confidence in trusting their intuitive voice by providing simple and easy intuition-building exercises, it also discusses how integrating intuition into all aspects of life such as health, relationship and business could be most beneficial for our world. Because segregating intuition from the intellect has resulted in pandemic fear in our lives.

The process of connecting with intuition is not made out to be “mystical” or “mysterious” – it is unnecessary to spend hours trying to “make a connection.” Rather, readers of the book learn how easy and natural it is to communicate with their intuition and come to think of it as an ally and friend that without fail will always lead them to a True Path.

If you feel that there must be a more balanced approach to life and want to become adept at using your intuition for succeeding on all levels of your being, INTUITION INVOLUTION points the way and shows you how to begin transforming your life –now.


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