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Olakunbi (Kunbi) Korostensky, ND, is a former naturopathic doctor and psychologist with a master’s in energy psychology, who now primarily works as a spiritual and intuition coach with a multifaceted enterprise. She is an intuitive specialist who has command of many alternative, holistic disciplines and knowledge, which she integrates into her work with her varied clients

Olakunbi perceives herself as an “Inner Flame Rekindler” and a visionary who avidly supports women in reconnecting with their spirit core by listening to and strengthening their intuition. For over 30 years she has dedicated her life to spiritual consciousness and its integration into daily activities. Her direct approach to accessing inner wisdom has been widely sought out by people from all walks of life.

She is the proprietor of the residential Awaken Women Retreat Wellness Centre, which she runs. The Centre provides women with day spa facilities, offers holistic approaches to health, life issues and wellness, and energy balance workshops. The Centre also offers weekend retreat programs on spirituality, developing the intuition, and inner development in both English and German. Awaken Women Retreat Wellness Centre is also the headquarters of the Awaken Women International Community (AWI™).

In February 2005, after a near-death experience that heralded many changes in her life, Olakunbi closed down her former naturopathic practice of over twenty three years and commenced a new life path. In October 2006, she organized and called to life her first Awaken Women International Conference (AWIC™) in Switzerland. In 2007, she founded Awaken Women International (AWI™), an offline and online membership community for women, promoting feminine excellence for a life of dignity and sustainable happiness. www.awakenwomen.com, www.awakenwomen.org

Olakunbi Korostensky also runs a coaching website. “Embracing Changes -The Intuition Way”: www.embracingchanges.com . Olakunbi has written various articles on health, self help, spirituality and mental attitude. These can be found on several online article directories. She is an expert writer on Ezinearticle.com and SelfGrowth.com.

In 2004, she co-authored “101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life Volume 3” by David Riklan featuring, Ken Blanchard, Bryon Katie, Victor Mark Hansen. She also has written several ebooks some of which can be found on her websites. Olakunbi conducts teleseminars and offers programs through her online and offline services. She is currently putting together a Virtual Interview Series with Intuition Experts around the globe. The Title: “Intuition Connection – Tune, Connect and Transform Your


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