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We all yearn for a different world, for a life of peace and joy free of struggles. We can begin to have that life if each of us would begin to take conscious responsibility for the self. Taking this responsibility starts with looking inside to acknowledge the natural abilities in us and fully integrating them to become wholesome individual beings. Many of us have blocked the source of true knowledge over many millennia, which can be conveyed to us through our inner guidance, and continue to block it. In times of challenge, we panic and rush, seeking solutions and answers outside ourselves, little realizing that by so doing, we become more confused and uncertain. Instead of slowing down and listening within, we continue to charge outwardly, skidding our wheels, kidding ourselves that the more we run out, the better are our chances of finding the solution to our problems.

I decided to write this book from an inner compulsion that has relentlessly plagued me for the past eight years. Then, something happened that started triggering a flood of memories and deep recognitions. In February 2005, after an extended period of exhaustion resulting from overwork, I experienced what is often called near death—but which I prefer to call a “transitory change of existence”—that heralded many changes in my life. As these changes evolved, I observed various events over which I sometimes had no control, but had to embrace. I sincerely hope that our male counterparts will support us women in reconnecting with our utmost power, thereby helping rebuild a stronger inner and outer alliance with the life source permeating all of Creation. Although this book is primarily for women, men can also reap some gain from it.

This book is a spiritual life guide, instructing us to fully merge our intuition into Creation and worldly actions so as to bring a more harmonious balance into our world. It shows why bonding fully with intuition is the answer to the chaos of modern daily existence and business challenges. It presents how living by Intuition can best guide against manipulation, suicide and struggles.

The book underlines that women are primarily endowed with a stronger intuition than men, and that if they learn to apply intuition conscientiously, it will help them overcome self-doubts and easily find the answers for any situation.

It also enumerates the four core values of Intuition, giving you a clear and good description and the significance they hold for our existence.

Discover how living fully by Intuition can bring harmony and balance to our lives and to our world as author Olakunbi Korostensky, ND, releases her debut book INTUITION INVOLUTION

INTUITION INVOLUTION is the author’s answer to regaining the natural balance that we’ve lost. “Involution” stems from the conscious realization and conviction that evolution should go hand in hand with the inner evolution of every aspect of who we are.

“We need a new paradigm to shift us back to the original truth of being, which can render us more attuned to life and wholeness. Our evolution has reached its climax, and what we now need is involution—the merging of the essence of our being fully into Creation and worldly actions.”
- Olakunbi Korostensky ND


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